Impeachment Follies

The Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump is the political event that dominates our present time. This battle between the Republicans and the Democrats is bringing out the worst in everyone involved. It is interesting that the only tool being used to convince us that this is a righteous endeavor is the propagation of hatred. By its very nature, fear and hatred are polarizing energies and tries to force us to choose between two evils. It is very clear to me that both the Democrat and the Republican Parties have come to a place where they believe that the survival of the Party has truly become the only priority and to that end the pushing of fear and fertilizing the resulting hatreds are the only actions left to achieve the continued life of the Party. As long as The Republicans try to increase their power by convincing us that The Democrats are evil and should be the hated enemy and The Democrats try to increase their power by convincing us that The Republicans are evil and should be the hated enemy, neither serves us the people.

I believe the first order of business is to realize that this is NOT a battle between good and evil! Let go of the hatred that has been put into your heart by those who place their own desires above those that they are charged to serve. Hatred is poison to us and keeps us from being our best selves. Once we understand that the current political wars really have nothing to do with us, we can break free from the poisonous hatred and instead refill our hearts with nourishing love. Let us live lives of love and feel the power of it. When we are in love we are at our best and when we are consumed by hatred we are at our worst.

Coming from a place of Love we can manifest positive changes in ourselves, each other, our nation and our World.  

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